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Various Artists - Gem Drops 2

Gem Drops Two by Various Artists
Thanks again to Raphzor for this discovery. A compilation stacked with incredible music that is also quite weird and that will certainly not please everyone’s ears, far from it in fact. Personally each of these tracks will remain a powerful, beautiful and unforgetable memory. This is a release I rediscover each time I listen to it, Gem Drops 2 is filled with strangeness and temporal distorsions playing with sounds that would give even the grayest businessman vivid dreams (yes it would go that far… yes I know…)

Algae Bloom - The Blossom

Sorry I’m late for this one, I’ve been so much used to being in advance that I totally forgot to prepare for this week’s release, here is a full power goa/psytrance release by Algae Bloom, Psytrance at its best ! Get it on Ektoplazm.

Erothyme - Circadia

Circadia by Erothyme

After listening to all his albums, one can only understand that Erothyme is an artist of exception. This peculiar sound that is caracteristic of his own style, a quality of composition almost unequalled. Circadia, this astonishing album that continues the dreamogenic feeling initiated by Empathic Circuitry is an invitation to fly away from one’s sofa to the skies and tickle the clouds, to go for a walk in the greens somewhere, to watch closely a colony of ants at work from a high-placed branch. One of my new favourite albums that’s for sure. To all lovers of tranquillity : add it to your best-of folder…

Poetic Intelligence - Mistakes & Handshakes

Mistakes & Handshakes EP by Poetic Intelligence
Just some nice Hip-Hop I’ve found today, great beats, great flow, an old-school feeling on top of that. It is a little collection of new and old tracks from Poetic Intelligence. Check their other releases, they’re all free !

Mute Speaker - Take Yourself Apart

Take Yourself Apart by Mute Speaker

Another great release by Rob O’Hara aka Mute Speaker, full of chilly beats, hips and hops, groovy grooves (if I may say). Don’t hesitate to take a look at his full discography, everything is name your price and high quality music ! Got to love this sound.

Cloudkicker - Beacons

Beacons by Cloudkicker
Here’s another old discovery. I don’t know why I did not post it earlier, because it’s astounding. The name’s Ben Sharp, talented guitarist, aka Cloudkicker, making all his music at home in Ohio, the result is a powerful instrumental progressive metal that can easily compete with all the masters of the genre like Porcupine Tree or Dream Theater (yes I know these are widely known but I do not fancy myself a specialist of progressive rock and metal, although I would like to…). The album presents itself like a story with a steampunk feeling, something like the crash of a zeppelin. Each track is named like the sentence one of the passenger could have said during that event. Yes I’m extrapolating, no I don’t know if that is really what Sharp had in mind. But you need only listen a bit.

Various Artists - Into This Wired Abyss Vol. 2

Have you ever heard of a blend of psybient, dubstep and glitch ? Well if you pressed play before reading, you have now. I won’t take too much of your time, just an impressive collection of tracks compiled by Atman Construct forĀ  nothing else than pure pleasure.

I know I rarely say anything negative, but that is only because I think putting mediocre quality music on my blog is not productive at all, we all know some bad albums or failed mixes, but we needn’t hear or read about them do we ?

V-Dizzle - 8 Bit Chronicles

8 Bit Chronicles by V-Dizzle

I have to thank Raphzor for this one, I remember one particular night when this music made the air vibrate with magic and bits of wonder-information. This is quite a strange venture into the 8-bit world, as this is not completely 8-bit music but there is such a strong willing influence of it from track 1 to 20 that I have to put it here. A very nostalgic sound full of memories and old dreams of a childhood infused with 8-bit culture and sound, you can hear that very well in tracks 5 and 20, also my favourites.

Alek Darson - Panopticon

Panopticon by Alek Darson

Ultimate progressive metal shred by Alek Darson from Belgrade, composer, audio engineer, producer and guitar virtuoso. You will hear that immediately when you press play. Powerful sound !

Dub Temple Records - DTR Mixtape

DTR Mixtape by Dub Temple Records

6660 pageviews today, time the Antigod paid us a visit ain’t it ? Well it did, and he brought with him a very strange compilation packed with old-school dubstep and the kind of chillout I love. All of this for free, and all the donations will go straight to charity. Free music is getting better and better by the minute !

I must warn you that very strange sounds are known to wander in this release, amongst jewels of pure sonic delight… Oh sorry I’m getting carried away… Again.