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Acid Cosmonaut Records

This is for all the stoner and heavy-psych lovers out there. Do you know about Acid Cosmonaut Records yet ? If not, here’s what is to be known, it is an italien label created by Luca and Stefano, both very fond of everything psych and stoner, and luckily, they have both ! 
Started in 2011, their project is designed to promote the unsigned bands that they like and make their music available to all the psychedelic audience, to make their “small” contribution to the world of webzines, bands and labels that decided to avoid the mainstream media and commercial music. 
Of course every release they have in their catalog is free-priced, else I wouldn’t be writing this. I already shared two of them : Manthra Dei and Dust Storm Warning, very good albums in their own particular styles. And I will share more, because I’m receiving all their updates by email, full of heavy psych goodness, because I too want to promote underground bands, even if this is only a virtual platform.
Here are some links that you will find interesting : - Acid Cosmonaut Records’ Catalog- Their blog- Their Facebook page- Their Twitter
Good listening !

VA - Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3 by Chiptunes = WIN
8bit ! Glory be to the pixellated heavens ! Those guys from Chiptune = WIN just won’t stop, and I won’t prevent them to do so. So here it is, 51 tracks of pure bouncy square beats coming from afar and of old.

Tons of styles are represented, fast, slow, mid, you name it. I only have ONE thing to say, and that is about the choice of the first track of the compilation, my god it contains LYRICS !!! And that is a terrible blasphemy in the pixel world (according to me, that is,as you’re free to think, I hope). I think it gives a false first impression of the whole thing. Even I almost put it away because I thought “what the hell ? Is that their new thing ?”. But it’s only one track over 51 so I tried anyway, and was not disappointed ! It’s only ultimate power 8bit music. You just have to press play to see if I’m telling the truth. By the way is anyone on for a Megaman speedrun ?

Huron - Pictures From The Past

cl-045 | Huron - Pictures From The Past by Huron
There are a lot of interesting things to find and hear at Crazy Language Netlabel, after Astravel by Sk’p, here’s Huron, with a long and subterranean album, raising strange ghostly atmospheres from the past to make us shiver in the present. I picture myself entering an ancient electronic xenotemple hidden in the arctic ice while listening to this music. And while I’m at it, you should definitely go take a listen at all the CL catalog, everything is free, and very… well, experimental.

News - Back on the saddle !

Just as this article’s title suggest, I’m back on the saddle ! Just a few words though.

I’m following a formation at the moment, so I don’t have as much time as before to find music and write about it, so there won’t be always one album per week. Sometimes one, sometimes none, sometimes two. I’ll write when I have the time, the material, and a prolonged access to the Internet, but I’ll sure as hell continue sharing music until I die !

Cheers to you all and especially those sharing, giving, naming prices, and to all of the musicians who decided to make this kind of project possible by escaping the world of sold music. Thank you.

sAuce - Forge Through Future

Forge Through Future by sAuce

When I see a music producer who decided to take that kind of name, I immediately feel confident, that must be good music, yes, good sauce. And I’m sure that’s true for you too, because who eats fries without sauce ? I’m asking you. So there it is, Forge Through Future by sAuce, a kinda old discovery which was sleeping on my hard drive. The album presents itself (well, according to me, that is) like an ancient futuristic city, filled with lights and glowing core processing units, that uses all its energy and resources to create a special brand of soft dubstep, the kind that massages your eardrums for free. Well at the moment, when I’m writing this, I still don’t really know if this album is going to stay free-priced, because it was at $1 one or two months ago, which is way too expensive for La Mojoteque, a fascist plant-organism that only accepts free and free-priced music in its core. Well, we’ll see.

Oh and don’t forget to take a listen at his other productions, also free-priced.


Hi everyone, I’m here to announce I’ll be taking a little break of some weeks, maybe one or two months I don’t know yet, of course I’ll keep an ear out for excellent releases and I’ll make a little storage of new stuff to put online after this break.

You know, sometimes you begin something because you just love it, and then you give yourself some rules to better make your own stuff, and after that it’s just a bug’s hop away from being forced to do the things you love, and then you feel like the love is fading away. I’m taking a break to keep the love in shape, you know, the love of looking for underground releases, and especially of writing articles. Some of you have probably noted that my articles are becoming shorter and shorter, that sometimes I just translate the artist’s own description. That’s just not it.

So there it is, I’ve been sharing free music with you each week since august 2012 and there’s almost 200 good free albums to download shared here. Don’t forget to share yourself, with your friends and family, to share the blog, the playlists, the mixes, and to send me your own discoveries to add to the stack, I’ll be sure to credit you in the article I’ll write. See you soon !

Phew, now time to translate all this into French…

Life in a Box - Primitive Form of Comfort

Primitive Form Of Comfort by Life in a box

French dude delivers incredible vibes of dreams, melody and passion. Thank you man.

DLoaw & Co. - Secret Garden 2

Secret Garden 2 by Various Artists

DLoaw = quality, you’d do well to remember that, because here comes the second Secret Garden compilation, which I was keeping safe just for you (in fact I had forgotten to post it for months). Packed with chilly, swingy, jazzy or dreamy tracks, worthy successor of its predecessor, this compilation is going to leave some beautiful spots in all your playlists that’s for sure. There are lots of links to follow on the Bandcamp page, like all the personal pages of each artist to keep you updated about what these guys are doing these times around.

For those worrying about the fact that chill music is becoming more and more present on La Mojoteque compared to other genres, I want you to know that it’s been raining all day for a whole month in Belgium, and if sometimes we are proud of it, sometimes we just can take no more of it and we need to calme ourselves, and to do so, we can fortunately listen to lots of beautiful music, it works perfectly, especially with track 7 and 16.

Seagram Murals - Arcadia

I’m listening to Seagram Murals right now and I just feel like the reality around me is melting away, the sky is closing in and everything bad in the world is trying to escape to its filthy dimension which I am now leaving. Strong rhythms and sublime aerial melodies are what you will find inside. Seems like dreams put into musical form. All his other releases you have to pay for, but I’ve asked him about this one and he said he was going to keep it free, so don’t hesitate to donate to raise up the free-downloads available for other users.
Peace of mind.

Roots of Society Records - Advent Vibes Vol.2

Pure chilly vibes for your ears only, I don’t really remember how I discovered Elyonbeats’ album Milestone but I can certainly remember that it was in the process that I discovered Roots of Society Records, again another excellent netlabel, full of chilly releases and pearls just waiting to be found guilty of being beautiful. This compilation goes here and there, from urban chill to rap and always on the brink of a butterfly cocoon about to hatch. And saying that, I’m going to go listen to this while gardening a little, to see if the neighbours like it as much as me.

Advent Vibes Vol.2 by Roots of Society Records