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Hi everyone, I’m here to announce I’ll be taking a little break of some weeks, maybe one or two months I don’t know yet, of course I’ll keep an ear out for excellent releases and I’ll make a little storage of new stuff to put online after this break.

You know, sometimes you begin something because you just love it, and then you give yourself some rules to better make your own stuff, and after that it’s just a bug’s hop away from being forced to do the things you love, and then you feel like the love is fading away. I’m taking a break to keep the love in shape, you know, the love of looking for underground releases, and especially of writing articles. Some of you have probably noted that my articles are becoming shorter and shorter, that sometimes I just translate the artist’s own description. That’s just not it.

So there it is, I’ve been sharing free music with you each week since august 2012 and there’s almost 200 good free albums to download shared here. Don’t forget to share yourself, with your friends and family, to share the blog, the playlists, the mixes, and to send me your own discoveries to add to the stack, I’ll be sure to credit you in the article I’ll write. See you soon !

Phew, now time to translate all this into French…

Life in a Box - Primitive Form of Comfort

Primitive Form Of Comfort by Life in a box

French dude delivers incredible vibes of dreams, melody and passion. Thank you man.

DLoaw & Co. - Secret Garden 2

Secret Garden 2 by Various Artists

DLoaw = quality, you’d do well to remember that, because here comes the second Secret Garden compilation, which I was keeping safe just for you (in fact I had forgotten to post it for months). Packed with chilly, swingy, jazzy or dreamy tracks, worthy successor of its predecessor, this compilation is going to leave some beautiful spots in all your playlists that’s for sure. There are lots of links to follow on the Bandcamp page, like all the personal pages of each artist to keep you updated about what these guys are doing these times around.

For those worrying about the fact that chill music is becoming more and more present on La Mojoteque compared to other genres, I want you to know that it’s been raining all day for a whole month in Belgium, and if sometimes we are proud of it, sometimes we just can take no more of it and we need to calme ourselves, and to do so, we can fortunately listen to lots of beautiful music, it works perfectly, especially with track 7 and 16.

Seagram Murals - Arcadia

I’m listening to Seagram Murals right now and I just feel like the reality around me is melting away, the sky is closing in and everything bad in the world is trying to escape to its filthy dimension which I am now leaving. Strong rhythms and sublime aerial melodies are what you will find inside. Seems like dreams put into musical form. All his other releases you have to pay for, but I’ve asked him about this one and he said he was going to keep it free, so don’t hesitate to donate to raise up the free-downloads available for other users.
Peace of mind.

Roots of Society Records - Advent Vibes Vol.2

Pure chilly vibes for your ears only, I don’t really remember how I discovered Elyonbeats’ album Milestone but I can certainly remember that it was in the process that I discovered Roots of Society Records, again another excellent netlabel, full of chilly releases and pearls just waiting to be found guilty of being beautiful. This compilation goes here and there, from urban chill to rap and always on the brink of a butterfly cocoon about to hatch. And saying that, I’m going to go listen to this while gardening a little, to see if the neighbours like it as much as me.

Advent Vibes Vol.2 by Roots of Society Records


After a long while of being unable to do anything heavy about the site, I finally regained control over my electronic overmind, my computer that does not overheat every five seconds. And I can make it move again, so I decided to upload the two latest releases on Youtube, for them to be easily shared and used in playlists. I’ll try to put most of them but it takes time, so do not hesitate to subscribe to my Youtube channel to stay tuned.

Juleah - Shimmering Road

Smooth-singing austrian Juleah knock on your door of perception to take you on a journey on the straight desertic roads of the USA, on a sunny day, here is what is to come if you click on play, in this album, velvet-like and necessary to your collection.

Shimmering Road by Juleah

State Azure - Disconnect

Cheating with the time itself and its impossible to understand whereabouts, I’m making you believe that I wrote this article on time, whereas in fact it’s already 6pm.

I’m switching to the old design now, because it’s more efficient with the Facebook sharing. A picture, a sublime and powerful article, and an embedded player.

Slow and smooth, curly and curvy, deep and full of psybient chilling sweetness, you know what State Azure is capable of now that you’ve listened to Outlines. Just what you need to chill your brains out of everything negative, no name, just beautiful bass and melodies.

Disconnect by State Azure

Amerigo Gazaway - Yasiin Gaye: The Departure (Side One)

Yasiin Gaye: The Departure (Side One) by Amerigo Gazaway

"Amerigo Gazaway’s *Soul Mates* series continues the theme of his previous work in creating collaborations that never were. On the series’ latest installment, Amerigo unites Brooklyn rapper Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) and soul legend Marvin Gaye for a dream collaboration aptly titled “Yasiin Gaye”. Building the album’s foundation from deconstructed samples of Gaye’s Motown classics, Gazaway re-purposes the instrumentation into new productions within a similar framework. Carefully weaving Bey’s tangled raps and Gaye’s soulful vocals over his new arrangements, the producer delivers a quality much closer to an authentic collaboration than a lukewarm "mashup" album".

Review taken from Bandcamp because I had no time to write my own. But I still have to translate it in French so it’s okay to say I’ve worked a little.

Dainumo, Jeesh, P SUS - 3 Flavors of 8bit

3 Flavors of 8bit by Dainumo, Jeesh, P SUS
When you see those names, Dainumo, Jeesh or P SUS, or better, the three of them together, do not hesitate and listen. It’s always a bunch of aural pearls in their own styles. I discovered them with the compilation Far Far Away that was suggested by Maxime, a friend of mine, thanks a lot to him.
Full of groovy 8bit goodness, ranging from pure video game tribute to electronica and techno, these three flavors of 8bit really put the mind at ease and in the mood for good old remembrances. Good times brother, good old times.